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sciBAr What is It?

A sciBAr is an informal discussion including an expert or several experts on a scientific topic of particular relevance to general public in a specific region. Through such discussions the public is introduced with new scientific concepts; besides, participants can share their opinion on a specific topic with the scientist/s presenting the subject. Places such as pubs and cafés, where people with different backgrounds and interests are gathered, have proved to be a perfect venue for sciBArs, since discussions can take place in a relaxed atmosphere.

sciBAr Aims

  • Advancement of science by means of creating a more fruitful and meaningful liaison between science and society
  • Through open discussion scientists get general publics feedback on the impact of their work on society as well as the general public's thoughts and feelings about scientific issues
  • They provide a way to attract both young and adult population to science

The Rationale behind sciBArs

  • Offering our students and residents of Varaždin a new, challenging perspective on science
  • Having fun with science
  • Disseminating scientific information in an informal way
  • Presenting results of scientific research of particular relevance to our students, pupils and general public
  • Meeting extraordinary scientists and great communicators of scientific information from Croatia and EU
  • Attracting the young to the world of science

Organization of sciBArs

SciBars are organized by the International Projects Office at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varaždin


On the 10th February 2005 the Varaždin County decided to support the idea of organizing sciBArs in Varazdin. Thank you for funding our project!

The first sciBAr that was organized from that budget wasWhat Our Brain Is Doing while We Are Sleeping, held on the 20th June 2005 by Amir Muzur, the neuroscientist working as an assistant professor at the Medical School, University of Rijeka, and recently elected the mayor of the Town of Opatija.



Zadnja vijest

U ponedjeljak, 23. studenoga 2015. Svjetski prvak u podvodnoj fotografiji, Damir Zurub, održao je predavanje o podvodnoj fotografiji na SciBAr-u, na Fakultetu informatike i organizacije.